How to retrieve and analyse captured data by the Foxwell Data logger

The NT100 vehicle data lodger, is a great tool, for diagnosing intermittent faults, or for monitoring driver activity.

to Download the data recorded from vehicles by the NT100, plug the USB cable into the computer and the tool.

Open the Foxwell Automotive data logger PC Application,

Select “Download” this will bring up a progress bar indicating the percentage of data transferred.
As you can see, this unit has over 6 months of data, so depending on the size and volume, it can take some time.

The data can be imported, or allocated to a individual driver, or vehicle, for future filtering, (should you be using the tool on multiple vehicles or comparing different drivers)

To review the downloaded data, go to the trip log, and apply the relevant date range to view recorded logs.

Each log is a key cycle, IE. Every trip is a cycle of the key from start to run and off. Even if it is only 10 seconds it will still appear within the log.

from the list view of the trip log, you can view key items of data for individual trip

Start and End date and time.

Average fuel consumption

Total distance traveled

Maximum and average vehicle speed

total amount of time the vehicle spent in top gear

Total amount times with driver performed Hand and Extreme deceleration

Total amount times with driver performed Hand and Extreme acceleration

and the total amount of time the vehicle spent at idle.

By double clicking on an individual tip log, you can view all of the captured ECU inputs and outputs for the trip.

The default display allows you to play back the trip with text values for the input parameters, however, obviously viewing the plot view is much more easier to read.

You can simultaneously view up to 4 items in the plot view, this is helpful so you are only looking at information pertinent to, either the fault you are tracing, or the driver behaviour you are monitoring

Here we are looking at my wives driving behaviour in a Captiva Diesel.

Im looking at Vehicle Speed

Calculated Load

Engine Speed

by mousing over the data you can view the selected items value at that point, the graphs can also be merged for a more comparable view or, viewed on individual lines.

from both the merged and un merged views you can reselect and change the graphed item, as you can see, adding Throttle position, reveals my wife is lead foot, and is in fact horrible driver.

The data can also be exported to for printing, sharing, or reporting.

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