Foxwell Scan Tools Update Registration

Power up your tool using the supplied USB cable.

with the Arrow keys and enter navigate to set up and about.

This displays the scan tool information including the tools serial number and the register password which you’ll need to register the tool.

Open foxwell scan tool pc application and select register, read and accept the terms and conditions.

In the serial number field of the registration form enter the product serial number displayed on the screen of your tool.

In the serial password field enter the register password displayed on the screen of your tool.

In the login name fields use your e-mail Address, And select an appropriate easy to remember password.

Complete the rest of the fields as required and select submit.

To login using your e-mail address in the username field and enter your chosen password.

Once logged in you can view updates available for your tool, edit your profile, provide feedback and view registered Foxwell products

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