Foxwell Scan Tools Software Update Procedure

Once you had installed the software application your PC and registered your Foxwell Scan Tool remove the rubber cover from the right hand side of the tool to expose the tools SD card. Simply push the SD card into the tool to eject it and install the SD card into your computers SD card slot or a USB SD Card reader.

Special note: we have had issues with other USB devices causing difficulty with updating Scan Tools so ensure all other USB devices are removed from your computer.

When you install SD card into your computer close the windows dialogue boxes that appear and open the foxwell PC application. Login using your email address and chosen password and click sign in.

The way the foxwell update software update software works is it reads the installed software on your tools SD card and compares it with fox Wells latest versions of software, the update application basically synchronises what’s on your tool with the available latest versions of software.

By default it will display the updates tab and list the newer versions of software available. be selecting installed softwares you can see all of the software installed on your Foxwell scan tools SD card

Ensuring that each item is checked select update, the update application will then download and install the latest versions of software to your tools SD card. this can take some time depending on the size, amount of updates required, and your internet connection speed.

When the updates are complete and all appear green and a dialogue box will appear saying update complete select okay and close the Foxwell scan tool update application.

The next step is to safely remove the SD card from your computer by selecting safely remove hardware from your windows tray and selecting the SD card.

Remove the SD from your computer or reader and install the SD card into your Foxwell scanned tool.

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