The Product

The tool is an OBDII / EOBD Automotive fault code reader. A current model vehicle uses sensors and actuators to control the engine and driveline operation. ECU’s (Electronic Control Unit’s) or PIM (Power Train Interface Module) monitor sensor and actuator inputs and outputs to ensure correct operation of engine components. When an output/input is out of expected / feasible parameters, the ECU determines that there is a fault in the vehicle and illuminates the vehicles check engine light, alarming the driver there is a fault with the vehicle and needs to be taken to an automotive repairer.

Symptomatically, this can be simply the illumination engine waring light, or can cause drivability issues i.e. vehicle is put into “limp home mode” where the transmission is locked in 3rd gear (automatics) and the throttle is limited to 30%.

An automotive repairer will (on average) charge $80 to check the cause of the engine warning light with their equipment. Most customers mention that they have had an issue with their vehicle in the past, been to a repairer and been charged to determine the cause of the warning light illumination, and now want to be able to determine faults with their own tool.

With the use of this tool, you can plug the tool into the vehicles OBDII socket (drivers side foot well) and interrogate the vehicles computer. The computer will provide a code to the tool, the tool looks up the code in its database and displays on the screen the fault code number and description.

For Example – P0121 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Switch A Circuit Range

The user can also :

View (dependant on the vehicle) – Freeze frame data, -The ECU captures a snapshot of all sensor and actuator values (operating conditions) when the fault code was set.

Clear / erase fault code- Deactivate the check engine light illumination

View and graph live data – View the values of the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor as an output voltage, or on a graph. Watching the graph you can smoothly do a full sweep (depress and release) of the accelerator pedal to ensure values reflected by the sensor are correct.

The typical process for a user would be to :
Read, and note fault codes.
Clear fault Codes
Drive vehicle until fault resets.
Read faults again.
Check corresponding value item in live data.
Perform tests on component.
Replace / repair as required.

Our customer demographics for the NT301 are, males age 20 – 40. Purchasing the tool with the view to “look after” their own / families vehicles, or diagnose an existing fault.

OBDII and EOBD was first legislated in Europe, and the US in 2000-2001. This was to due the unregulated manufacture of engine and power train control systems, causing difficulty for automotive repairers diagnosing engine faults. The legislation was put in place so that any automotive repair, could diagnose any emissions related fault on any make of vehicle with ONE tool. -Prior to this repairs needed specific diagnostic equipment for each manufacture. Manufactures due to their legal requirements to include this feature placed all engine and most power train data on this interface.

OBDII was legislated in Australia on the first of January 2006. Australian produced vehicles (Commodore and Falcon) were ODBII Compliant from the VE Commodore and BA Falcon. Most vehicles on Australian roads after 2000 were OBDII / EOBD compliant (being manufactured for other markets where OBDII / EOBD was legislated), however, there was a small handful of non compliant vehicles released in Australia -surplus stock of non compliant vehicles unable to be sold in other markets.

-This is how I think of it, OBDII / EOBD is a function of the vehicle, the tool is a window and a keypad to be able to determine the cause of the check engine light illumination. The tool will work on every vehicle (including diesels) from 2006 on. If coverage is required for vehicles prior to 2006, check the coverage table.


Foxwell’s primary goal is to add accessibility to a portion of our customers whom prefer a brick and motor transactions over E-Commerce.

Our main objective is to bring customers into AutObarn stores specifically to purchase Foxwell product. Counter / Shelf sales are viewed as a secondary benefit.

Customers research product online, make a purchasing decision, drive to a AutObarn store, and purchase that item

AutObarn will receive exclusivity on selected product/s, and will be reflected on the Foxwell’s website.

Foxwell can provide BRANDED (AutObarn) digital media and web content.
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The minisite sub distribution can be automated (dependant on AutObarn accounting / inventory management software) via web service. IE : customer orders, store billing, shipping integration, payment gateways, and revere billing for stores.


AutObarn Sydney, Purchases -Product A1- from AutObarn Australia for $100.

AutObarn Australia sells -Product A1- online for $199 to an end user in Glebe, NSW.

AutObarn Australia sends customer invoice, con note, and manifest to AutObarn Sydney.

AutObarn Sydney, receives customer documents and prepares item for dispatch.

Shipping company collects shipment.

AutObarn Australia sends purchase order AutObarn Sydney for :
Sales Value (less) transaction fee/s (less) freight cost
199.00 – 32.00 – 13.00
= 154.00

AutObarn Sydney invoices AutObarn Australia for $154.00

AutObarn Australia remits payment (or applies account credit) to AutObarn Sydney.

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