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    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I have got a request about you Data logger “NT100“. I am searching for a data logger to log vehicle data for my bachelor thesis in cooperation with the FEV GmbH in Aachen, Germany. The topic of the thesis is “Accumulation and analysis of vehicle field data for creation of a customer based engine cycle“.

    To do this, I want to acquire the following parameters from the vehicles:

    – Engine speed
    – Vehicle speed
    – Engine load (Calculated load, throttle / pedal position or air flow)
    – External temperature
    – Coolant temperature
    – Oil- and Exhaust gas temperature if possible
    – Fuel consumption eventually
    – Exhaust gas Lambda

    The Accumulation of the data is supposed to happen within a variation of vehicles in different classes with diesel and gasoline engines on short-, medium and long range drives. I want to acquire the data with a frequency of 1 Hz over a maximum of 30h. To ensure a reserve, I plan to monitor 10 parameters.
    Another important demand is the possibility to export data for use with MS Excel.
    I would like to acquire about 10-15 data loggers depending on the costs. Is there a possibility to receive a device to test out the logger with the vehicles for a certain period, or maybe get a discount on the order?

    I am looking forward to your reply, about if your product meets my demands, and where there may be conflicts, if any.

    Best regards,

    Lennart Biermann

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